Do you shoot portraits for Seniors, Engagements, or Families?

Yes, however due to my limited schedule, I can only book a few shoots every month. If you are interested in booking me please, get in touch and we can discuss a portrait shoot.

What do you recommend for a starting photographer?

Shoot. Shoot. Shoot. The only way to be a photographer is to shoot photos. It sounds simple but it is true. Take photos, tweek photos, take more photos. Once you get comfortable with your camera (iPhone works great for starters), start reading books and articles about how to shoot better photos. Most people try to learn to shoot better photos without knowing their camera. This just leads to frustration.

Who are your favorite Photographers?

I have several role models and tons of favorites. As someone who loves film and landscape photos, I have always looked up to Ansel Adams. I also love Sally Mann's, Alfred Stieglitz's, and Annie Leibovitz's work.

Modern photographers that I admire are Trev Lee, Samuel Elkins, and Daniel Milligan.


What Camera and Equipment do you use?

I currently use two set-ups.

Fujifilm X-T10
35mm Prime Lens
XF 16-55mm Adjustable Lens


Koncia Reflex 1968
50mm Prime
I am always trying new films but I love Illford HP5 400 for B&W and Kodak Portra 400 for Color

Which do you prefer, Film or Digital?

Well as you can see I have a good mix of both. I love shooting film because it is simple, it is about process, and it takes time. I also develop my own film so there is more skin in the game. However, I love the fact that I can do sooooo much with digital. I can go from shooting indoor photos to outdoor photos to night photography all on one camera. They are very versatile and incredible tools with lots of options. Therefore, it is a dead-even tie between film and digital.