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The People Around - Series 1 | Photography

The People Around - Series 1 | Photography

During the summer of 2017 I am working to document those who surround me.

From May to August, I am shooting Ilford HP5 B&W film on a Koncia Reflex camera. I am shooting this theme for several reasons, but as I get further into the project it becomes more apparent why this project is vital to my photography and my life. I am shooting this project for three main reasons; to develop my film skills, document emotions and people, and have a gratitude for those who surround me. I want to go a little further in-depth of why this project has so much meaning and why I want to share. 


As you might see looking around my website or Instagram, I do not take a ton of pictures of people. While my portrait work is not awful, I simply never gained the desire to shoot people (with a camera or gun!). Yet, every time I take a portrait of someone I fall in love with what I capture. I am shooting this project for several photography skill objectives. 

  • Be able to properly expose film and not use major digital alterations. (Cropping only)

  • Capture genuine emotions through use of candid, documentary, and posed photography styles.

  • Be better at composing shots and quickly adjusting aperture, shutter, and focus.

  • Be patient and not posting photos 10 minutes after I take them.


This aspect of the project ties into the next and became extremely vital during the month of May. The above photo is a candid portrait of my mother, it was taken four days before she had a heart attack. Fortunately, I was able to celebrate Mother's day with her and she has healed. We still have a long way to go with adjusting to medications, diet, and exercise requirements. This explains the images of the medicine and kitchen table. It hit me when I got my photos back from The Darkroom Lab, that this could have been my last photograph of my mother. Thankfully its not, even though it is a very appealing photo of her in her favorite spot. My Mother's heart attack and this photo solidified the importance of shooting this project and ensuring I capture those around me and the emotions surrounding life events. 


As a landscape and travel photographer, I am always seeking a new place to take photos of. This desire for new and interesting places overflows into my other photography. I have simply overlooked people that are involved in my everyday life. The people that have molded me into the man I am. With the scare of almost losing my mother, I cannot simply ignore the fact that these people are constantly pouring into my life. So last but not least, I want to look at the photos with extreme gratitude and be thankful for those that are around me.

I share this project not for my photo skills alone, but for the purpose of encouraging everyone to start noticing THE PEOPLE AROUND them. I will be posting a blog update anytime I upload more photos. Thanks for taking a look.

The People Around - Series 2 | Photography

The People Around - Series 2 | Photography

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