Published Works


Light & Dark: A Collection of Things Good & Bad

Light & Dark: A Collection of Things Good & Bad is the first published work of Andrew W. McElroy. It is a collection of poems that explore the duality of our internal and external world. We find that by looking at the good and the bad, we find beauty in all things.

McElroy dives into our body, mind, soul, and external world as he examines things good and bad. Not only by exploring the duality of good or bad, but also exploring gender duality, religious duality, and perceptional duality. Written and organized in a way that allows for comparison. McElroy finds that there is beauty in all duality and also a lot more gray than we give credit for.

Explore yourself, others, and the world around you as you dive into this introspective and extrospective collection of poetry.

If you buy the Kindle E-book, you can also receive a print copy for only $2.99 more. If you sign up for Kindle Unlimited, you can borrow the E-book copy for free. I appreciate your support and look forward to sharing this beautiful collection with you all.